Lucy Hind

Expert in Body Language and Communication.

Hello and welcome. I am so delighted to announce my latest set of workshops.

Woman in the Room: How to own your space at work.

Authority and self-assurance in the workplace. Tricky for women.

How do we make an impression? How do we hold authority in a room? How do we have confidence without faking it, or seeming aggressive? It’s a very particular challenge as a woman in the workplace to command a space compellingly, with authority and grace. Without feeling like we’re fighting or forcing that influence.

Have you experienced self-doubt in a professional environment? Whether you’re in sales, the legal industry, a big corporate or starting your own business, or even if you’re an experienced CEO. Whether you’re returning to work after maternity leave, or your business requires you to convince high status individuals to implement change. I can teach you some valuable tools to liberate yourself and be more fully yourself at work.

Join me, Lucy, and a small group of like-minded women for this virtual workshop in non-verbal communication and embracing your ambition.

Spaces limited to 10 per workshop, so book early. £25pp (60 minutes).

Dates with spaces currently available:
Wednesday 12th August 11am (morning session)
Tuesday 18th August 8pm (evening session)

Please email Lucy.hind@mac.com to book your place.