Lucy Hind

Expert in Body Language and Communication.

NEW Upcoming Masterclass.


How to get the most out of virtual meetings, interviews, presentations and conversations.

Finding Zoom or Teams a headache? Feeling like you can’t quite connect with people virtually? Losing your confidence? Sick of battling to come across your best over video platforms? Should you use a virtual background? 

Join this 90 minute masterclass with body language and communication coach Lucy Hind. Limited to just 6 people this will be a hands on, practical workshop on owning our virtual communication. I’ll help you beat that feeling of alienation and exhaustion. 

We will cover: 

A clear understanding of what happens to our bodies and minds during virtual video calls. We will look at why it is so challenging, and I’ll share some useful information about non-verbal communication.

How to make your setting and frame the very best it can be. I’ll look at each participants’ screen and give live feedback. We will solve the problems alongside each other.

How to use body language in this online medium to best be seen and heard. How to communicate with confidence and clarity through the lens.

We will do some basic breathing and vocal work. I’ll cover how sound is made and how to use your vocal tools efficiently and effectively to carry over camera.

Finally I’ll share with you some basic exercises to eliminate aches and pains associated with endless virtual calls and conferences. We will do them together and I’ll send you away with a handout to remember them all.

Testimonial from a recent client.

“Video conferencing is the normality now – Lucy gave some top advice and techniques to get the best out this channel. There is no point reading ‘best ways to do things’ on the internet; at best they are way too generalised – Lucy has brought the best out in me. We are all different and it was remarkable how seamlessly she adapted to working with my quirks! Time spent with Lucy has literally changed my life. She gave me the ability to open up and deliver all the positivity I have to others. I now believe the status I have and the value I can add to an employer and the workplace. I had a successful run of interviews soon after a session with Lucy. They went so well (I could barely believe such a turnaround was possible), but it was down to working with Lucy that got me there.”


Monday 21st September 10:30am – 12pm. £35 pp. Click the Eventbrite link HERE to book your ticket.

Friday 25th September 12:00-1:30pm £35 pp. Click the Eventbrite link HERE to book your ticket.