I’m Lucy, a Body Language and Communication Expert. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m currently really interested in how we will cope when restrictions are lifted and we begin to return to a three-dimensional life.

Returning to the workplace: the well-being of your staff. 

Recent data is starting to reveal the long-term effects of stress caused by this pandemic on the workforce. But what are employers doing to help their staff overcome this and transition back into an office-based work environment?

It’s fair to say that we all felt a strange sense of alienation when lockdown began, talking and presenting, gesticulating wildly at a camera or sitting hour after hour staring at small squares of faces on a screen. There has certainly been comfort in using our mute buttons, not having to show our entire bodies and the quiet security of the safety of our homes, our ability to ‘leave’ a call with immediacy and the comfort blanket of hiding behind the lens. This has been in equal measures infuriating and distancing as well as over time, becoming the norm, and thus our new comfort zone.  But happens when we no longer have this comfort?

Ready your team for their return to the office

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