Lucy Hind is an award winning, critically acclaimed Movement Director and Body And Vocal Coach. Her work stretches from the Entertainment Industry to the Business and Corporate world. Her work has taken her from the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics Games to the West End, Broadway and International tours. The BBC, Cbeebies and Amazon Prime have all called upon her expertise. She also works with small businesses, large corporations and individuals aiming to improve their communication skills, refine authenticity and trust and generate more business.

Lucy has years of experience helping professional women and men harness their own physical capabilities to get what they want from their business relationships. This is far more than just ‘body language tips‘. With over 14 years experience and practise, and with clients ranging from the Financial, Recruitment and Education sectors to TV presenters and even Sting. She is delighted to share these skills with you.

”I love people, I love learning what makes them tick and what holds them back. I adore watching my clients develop and grow, take control and free themselves from their fears. I have a BA hons in Psychology and Drama from Rhodes University, South Africa. 

For years I have worked with actors to become someone else, but using the same skills and insights I help my personal clients become the best version of themselves, unlock their potential and become effective and present communicators and leaders.


Lucy helped me move my body in ways I’d never been shown before. She gave me confidence. Kind and professional and just bloody good.

Fern Britton. TV Presenter, Author and Actress.

I worked with Lucy for a year when I was really finding my feet in terms of my personal brand and how best to translate that.  We focused a lot of body language and the best way to build trust with clients. I’ve been able to use a lot of what she taught me in moving across to the new world of Zoom and Skype but I’ve been really impressed with the tips she was able to give me recently in terms of putting that to work online!

Rachel L (1-2-1 coaching client)

For a long time I have struggled to ‘sell’ myself, living with a stigma of being bad at interviews and falling into internal negative spirals when delivering information. Working with Lucy completely changed this. From being rock bottom, my confidence soared.

David K. Private client, interview preparation

Lucy is extremely engaging and has a way of really demonstrating the effects of different actions, behaviours, positions, postures, tones, lighting has on the way we present ourselves and how we may be perceived. She has a fantastic friendly and honest approach and explains everything extremely clearly and concisely with an amazing balance of humour and intellect. I found the sessions very engaging and fun and learnt a lot more than I expected I would. Thanks Lucy!

I was a bit sceptical at first but found Lucy to be a breath of fresh air in a pretty dire situation. She is a really personable lady and made the training enjoyable and interesting. I looked forward to her sessions. They were really worthwhile. Thanks Lucy!

Lucy was engaged to carry out training with our whole team to help us adjust to the new normal. Working from home and frequent video conferences are a new world for many of our staff. Having someone lead us there in easy bite size chunks helped everyone adjust faster and without the stress we expected. Lockdown isn’t a perfect working environment but the training definitely helped make it better

Group Session Clients from IFA, 2020

Lucy Hind on the red carpet on Broadway in March 2020. Utilising skills of effective interview skills and positive, confident communication.