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I take pride in responding to the very personal needs of my clients. Here is a selection of the type of work I do. But please do get in touch and let’s talk about you.

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1-2-1 Coaching

Virtual Interview Preparation

Sessions for groups and teams

1-2-1 Coaching to work on the issues that matter most to you.

You’ve spent years perfecting your pitch, learning the best way to project the professionalism and care that you bring to your work and suddenly overnight you need to be able to bring all that to focus inside the tiny lens on your laptop or tablet.

We will work together to discuss the areas that concern you and put in place strategies to overcome your anxieties. Whether this is how to best navigate the complex world of presenting your business in busy networking meetings, how to make your voice heard in the new team meetings or how to best take control and run conference calls.

I offer in-depth body language and vocal training, helping you present the best possible version of yourself. Both now during this crisis and when we return to face-to-face communication.

Here are some of the issues I have helped clients overcome:

  • Dealing with nerves and how they affect voice and body language.
  • Increasing their sense of confidence when presenting to a group or panel
  • Clients who wish to present a more authoritative and commanding presence
  • Making their voice heard in team meetings
  • Sales teams who want to upskill in voice and body language training
  • Clients who have a job interview and want to present themselves in the best possible way
  • Media personalities who want feedback on how they are presenting themselves and how to improve their image
  • Educators and teachers who are battling vocal and physical fatigue during and after long sessions

Translating your personality and professionalism both in person and online can be hard but I’m here to help you make that step.

Virtual Interview Preparation

Whether you are a recent graduate going for your first job interview, applying for university or a seasoned professional interviewing for your dream job; this new, virtual way of communicating can make all of us feel like we are on the back foot.

Let me help you prepare. It’s a perfect opportunity to upskill and invest in yourself. As well as making the most of that all important time in front of your laptop camera, I will offer ways to combat nervousness, work on your vocal and physical communication skills and help you walk away knowing you presented the very best version of yourself.

Seminars for groups and teams

Group training sessions are a brilliant way for your team to learn together and from each other. Online sessions can be flexible to fit the team’s busy and challenging schedules. Group sizes can range between 2 – 5 participants. Typically we do 50-60 minute sessions and we can address anything the organisation or individuals are concerned about, or wish to upskill on.

Case Study: A company approached me recently to help their staff in this new and challenging time. This is the approach I took for 15 of their staff.

An example of their three session training plan. We wanted include home office set up, body language on camera and health and wellness of the team.

Your workspace. Your image.

I will offer training on how to get the most out of video and conferencing calls. Practical tips on how to make best use of your space and surroundings, camera placement and how to best engage via a lens with your colleagues and clients. This section will be a series of tasks, tips and practical experimentation with the group. It will offer alternatives to simply ‘lift the camera to eye level’ and provide participants with a comfortable and productive working environment, as well as help them to find ways to engage effectively and communicate as best they can in the current times. I understand that not everyone has a suitable working space at home and I will help each team member work with what resources and limitations they may be faced with when working from home. I will offer ways to add variety to their video calls while remaining truthful and natural, thus increasing engagement from both parties, greater chance of successful communication and higher levels of trust.

Your Body. Your Mind. 

I will then move onto a deeper level of personal and bespoke engagement with each participant. Looking at troubleshooting challenges each participant has as well as making use of my expertise to provide feedback and practical solutions to each individual’s experience. I have over 10 years of working closely with actors and professionals to learn about their own physical clues, places of tension and what impression they are unconsciously giving. While this is much more difficult via video, I will still take each participant through my well-trodden steps and feedback. This is traditionally extremely illuminating and enjoyable for participants.

Your Health and wellness. 

I will take participants through practical and easy steps to help combat physical and mental fatigue experienced by using video calls and conferencing, pain that is often caused by sitting down and trying to look into one small camera for extended periods. I will also provide some simple and effective tools to keep bodies healthy and pain free during this stressful and strange time. Ease the minds of your health and safety team by investing in your staff’s health and wellbeing.